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The Little HOO-HAA!

  • The Little HOO-HAA! offer improvisation workshops, improvised comedy performances, or a combination of both.
  • Suitable for Year 1 to Year 12 students, parents, teaching staff and also for corporate engagements.
  • Members of The Little HOO-HAA! are highly experienced and skilled at improvisation.
  • Please contact Nudge Productions directly for bookings or enquiries.
  • The Little HOO-HAA! is available to deliver their workshops and performances in-person, or online.

School improvisation workshops and improvised comedy performances by The Little HOO-HAA!

School improvisation workshops and performances delivered by Western Australia’s premier improvised comedy group, The Big HOO-HAA! (in their student-friendly guise – The Little HOO-HAA!).

The Little HOO-HAA! are Perth-based, but they’re available to deliver their school improvisation workshops and performances across Australia and beyond. Book or enquire now for your school or event.

Who are their school improvisation workshops and performances designed for?

Workshops and performances will be customised to suit the age of the audience. They are suitabled for Year 1 to Year 12 students, parents, staff and also for corporate engagements.

Workshop and performance details:

The Little HOO-HAA! offer improvisation workshops, improvised comedy performances, or a combination of both.

Improvisation workshops for schools:

Improvisation is an integral part of the Western Australian Drama syllabus.  It’s a critical dramatic skill, that is a focus in the syllabus from the early primary years, right through to year 12. Improvisation makes up 20% of the Drama ATAR practical examination.

Your head tutor, Sam Longley, has been performing improv comedy for 30 years, studied in Chicago and teaches at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. He’s a nice enough bloke.

A member of the The Little HOO-HAA! will host a series of exercises with students to share the basics of improv: listening, creating characters and having fun!

Improvisation workshops are suited for students from Years 3 to Year 12. Maximum class size is typically 30 students, however larger groups can be catered for on special request.

Improvisation workshops are ideally combined with an improvised comedy performance, giving students a first-hand experience of improvisation from seasoned performers.

Improvised comedy performances / incursions for schools:

Performances by The Little HOO-HAA! sees two teams of fearless comedians take to the stage to do battle in a competition of wit, humour and bad mime skills. It’s a no-holds-barred race to the punch line.

Performers use audience suggestions to create improvised comedy sketches. It’s fast, furious and funny as!

Performances are suitable for students from Year 1 to Year 12, or can be customised for school staff, parents, or corporate groups.

About The Little HOO-HAA!:

The Little HOO-HAA! have been delivering their junior format show for more than four years. Their naughtier friends, The Big HOO-HAA!, have been doing it for 19 years!

They have a reputation for delivering performances that appeal to adults as much as to kids.

Interactive, engaging and hilarious, The Little HOO-HAA! delivers big laughs for little people!

“After 19 years of providing Perth adults with improv comedy we decided it was time to give the kids a turn.”

The team at The Little HOO-HAA! are renowned for entertaining junior audiences with their quick wit, hilarious physical comedy and superb spontaneous storytelling skills.

For bookings or more information about school improvisation workshops and performances:

Please contact Nudge Productions directly if you would like to discuss any details of a potential booking, including pricing. You can email, or call Greg Cumming on 0406 317 801.

Testimonials and reviews:

“The Big HOO-HAA! is a laugh riot that has the audience roaring so loudly they almost can’t catch their breath… the very best of Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Whose Line Is It Anyway” ★★★★
The West Australian

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