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From: $300.00

  • Beatboxing and live-looping workshops for kids BIG and small.
  • Suitable for young children, young adults, teachers, parents and corporate engagements.
  • Starma is travelling between Perth and regional areas of Western Australia through to mid 2021.
  • Please contact Nudge Productions directly to check availability.
  • Starma is offering bookings for his workshops exclusively through Nudge Productions. Available for in-person delivery only.

Beatboxing and live-looping workshops for kids BIG and small

Audience: Year 1 – university students / teacher groups / parents / corporates

About Starma:
James Sta-Maria (AKA Starma) runs beatboxing workshops for schools teaching beatboxing and live-looping. He uses these as tools to help participants develop their musical creativity. His workshop is for kids BIG and small!

Starma discovered music production at 15 and quickly learnt to beat match (the primary skill needed to be a DJ). He turned his hobby into a business, making a name for himself as a mobile DJ across the local wedding scene. This led to DJ residencies and guest appearances in clubs and at events across Australia and the world. One of his highlights was playing a DJ set at Burning Man in Nevada, USA.

Starma discovered beatboxing as a means to take his ideas and quickly bring them to life. He then started adding audio effects and dynamics to his vocals to build on his sound. This led into live-looping which both added FX and looped his voice to create songs impulsively and on the fly.

BEATBOXING is a form of vocal percussion primarily involving mimicking drum machines using your mouth, lips, tongue, and voice. It sometimes includes vocal imitation of other musical instruments.

LIVE-LOOPING uses a device to create loops from beatboxing and other sounds to create music. The possibilities for creating music is endless.

Workshop details:
Starma’s workshop is called “Tuning the Raspberry”, in reference to the sounds made while beatboxing. The workshop includes:

  • Vocal warm-ups and breathing exercises
  • Beatboxing fundamentals and patterns
  • Live-looping techniques
  • Using FX to improve your sounds
  • Creative thinking skills to make unique music

Starma is willing to work with each school to meet their specific requirements.

Starma is offering his workshops exclusively to Nudge Productions.

  • Up to 60 minutes: $300
  • Additional time: $210 per hour (charged in ten minute increments)
  • In person delivery only.

More: Testimonials about Starma’s workshop will be coming soon!


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