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Rhys Paddick

  • Contemporary Aboriginal educator – for students and teacher professional development.
  • Rhys offers a modern adaptation of traditional Aboriginal culture.
  • Talks and workshops on Aboriginal culture for K to 12 students.
  • Delivers professional development workshops on educating indigenous students and how to do Acknowledgements of Country.
  • Please contact Nudge Productions directly for bookings or enquiries about Rhys’s talks and workshops.
  • Rhys is available to deliver his presentations and workshops in-person, or online.

Contemporary Aboriginal Educator – for students and teacher professional development

Contemporary Aboriginal school talks and workshops for students and staff PD. Rhys Paddick delivers a modern adaptation of traditional indigenous culture.

Rhys is based in Perth, Western Australia. He’s available to deliver his contemporary Aboriginal school talks and workshops in-person, or online – across Australia and beyond.

Who are Rhys’s contemporary Aboriginal school talks and workshops for?

Rhys delivers talks and workshops suitable for students from Kindergarten to Year 12, as well as adult audiences. He offers two workshops that are specially designed for teachers’ professional development.  

About Rhys Paddick:

“Hello my name is Rhys, my home is on Wudjuk Noongar country. My Family is the Jones / Paddick, my family country is Budimia.”

Rhys offers a modern adaptation of traditional indigenous culture. His aim is to connect Australians through our shared history and culture.

Community values, relationships, laws, education, art, health and wellbeing are a few of the topics he can cover in his talks and workshops (more details below).

As a graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (Aboriginal Theatre), Rhys is an experienced and confident presenter. He uses storytelling to engage and connect with his audience.

“My goal is to share Aboriginal culture in an easily accessible and digestible way.”

He began working with schools as an Aboriginal Education Officer. He delivered educational, supportive and mentoring programs with Aboriginal koolingars (kids), in both primary and secondary schools. He is now a trainer, facilitator, keynote speaker and event MC.

Details about Contemporary Aboriginal school talks and workshops by Rhys Paddick

Talks and workshops for students

Customised talks and workshops on Aboriginal Culture. Rhys is experienced in working with students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Rhys can deliver a single talk or workshop (typically of approximately 45 minutes), or can develop a program of workshops over a number of sessions.

Areas covered in his talks and workshops can include dreamtime stories; face painting; traditional artefact showcase & discussion; Aboriginal culture, geography, history and language discussions.

Talks and workshops for teachers – professional development

What it is an Acknowledgement of Country, and how we can feel confident in presenting one that is meaningful and authentic?

Aboriginal delivered workshop on Acknowledgement of Country
Artwork by Rhys Paddick

Most Welcomes to Country, or Acknowledgements of Country are done as a requirement, or – to tick the box.

This workshop explains the intent of an Acknowledgement of Country and teaches how it can be flexible to suit each individual person and situation.

Rhys developed and co-presents this workshop with Emma Gibbens. Emma is the General Manager at The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance.

Participants learn how to structure and articulate a proper acknowledgement, and embody the traditional message it was intended to convey, but in a modern way.

Each participants will develop their own personalised Acknowledgement of Country. This can serve as the template for each time they deliver an Acknowledgement in the future.

Rhys was very recently a guest on the Commical with Marie El Daghl podcast. The episode is definitely worth a listen! They have an engaging conversation that explores how to write and present a Welcome to Country.

How do you get the best outcomes for indigenous students?

This teacher / school staff workshop explains practical methods, cultural standards and the do’s and don’ts of working with indigenous students.

Rhys shares his own story as an Aboriginal student, and draws on his significant experience of working with Aboriginal children as a mentor and educator.

Book or ask a question about Contemporary Aboriginal school talks and workshops:

Please contact Nudge Productions directly if you would like to discuss Rhys’s Contemporary Aboriginal school talks and workshops. You can email, or call Greg Cumming on 0406 317 801.

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Click below to view some fantastic testimonials about Rhys and his contemporary Aboriginal school talks and workshops.

Testimonials and references for Rhys Paddick

“Rhys taught the students about Aboriginal culture, showing the students artifacts, telling them stories and reading them picture books. He also visits the Aboriginal student in the class on a semi-regular basis. Initially this was to get to know the student but later it evolved into opportunities to discuss any issues they may have. When I feel the student needs to talk I am happy to ask Rhys to liaise with them.”

“Thank you for coming into the year 7 class during our English lesson to teach and facilitate to the students the origins of Storytelling. Your wealth of knowledge of dreamtime and Aboriginal culture was of upmost assistance for student understanding and engagement. The question/answer time you provided really allowed students to attain understanding and relate it back to the contents of their learning journey. The lesson you delivered was extremely fitting. Look forward to working with you again.”

I have had the privilege of working with Rhys Paddick for the last three years. In this time he has been instrumental in educating my Society and Environment students in Aboriginal laws and traditions. During his lessons he facilitates lots of meaningful stimulating discussion. His lessons are well planned, thought out and engaging.
Rhys has the ability to forge meaningful professional relationships with students and colleagues alike. It is his ability to relate to young adolescents that is one of his best qualities. It is because of this he has very little behavior management problems. Students connect and look up to him because of his generous spirit.”

“Mr Paddick is very kind to us because we are just kids. I liked it because it was so fun. It was fantastic. I would do it again because we learnt about different things and I think he is the kindest man I have ever seen besides my dad and I need to love my own dad. He loves me too.”

“Thank you for your significant contributions to the Vulnerability Speaker Series and the Aboriginal Leadership Cross-cultural Solutions Program camp in Perth. Your co-facilitation of the Aboriginal forum and presentations at the executive roundtable and seminar were highly engaging and stimulated consideration and discussion about how to support Aboriginal-led solutions to improve the wellbeing of Aboriginal children and young people in WA.
The high school students involved in the Cross-Cultural Solutions Program also made a valuable contribution to the events and I appreciate you supporting their participation.”

“Rhys delivers a unique, honest and personal acknowledgement of country that is able to engage you from the very first word.”

“At most public and private events I attend, there is an ‘acknowledgement to country’ which is given out of , what I believe, to be political correctness. Rhys’ Kaaditj boodjar (acknowledgement to country) opened my mind and my heart to what it truly means and why it is so important – thank you Rhys.”

Listen to Rhys being interviewed:

Listen to Rhys as a featured guest on The WA Real Podcast (Broadcast:

“There is a wealth of knowledge and insight into Aboriginal culture and way of life and thinking that comes from this very free flowing and engaging conversation.”

Rhys Paddick guest on podcast - Contemporary Aboriginal Culture


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