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Madi Scanlon

From: $150.00

  • Balancing life and studies, inspiring students in STEM, and the science of our oceans.
  • Delivers school STEM workshops, and presentations on balancing life and studies.
  • Madi is studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science with honours, majoring in Marine and Coastal Science.
  • Available exclusively through Nudge Productions.
  • The rates in the calendar below apply to ONLINE DELIVERY (via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, etc.).
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Fun and engaging school STEM workshops and ‘surviving year 12’ talks

School STEM workshops on Marine Science, and talks about balancing life and studies. Madi graduated from high school in 2018 and is a highly engaging and relatable speaker for students.

Prospective audience: K to Year 12 students / teacher groups / parents

More about Madi:
As it is for so many Australians, Madi grew up with the ocean being an integral part of her life. Snorkelling developed into advanced scuba diving and body surfing developed into surfing.

“While I’m out in the water, I’m not thinking about much more than the rolling waves and the wind in my face.”

Madi started studying marine science in year 9, and in year 12 was awarded the top ATAR Marine and Maritime student in the state. The subject fuelled her fascination of the marine world and was her absolute favourite subject through high school.

Graduating from high school in 2018 with an ATAR of 99.1, Madi was encouraged by some to take a more traditional path for a high academic achiever, such as undertaking a Law or Medicine degree. Instead, she followed her passion and is at Curtin University studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science with Honours, majoring in Marine and Coastal Science. This incorporates content from across a range of sciences, including Chemistry, Biology and Maths.

“It’s my goal to improve the worldwide understanding, management, and conservation of our marine environment.”

She was awarded a place on the Curtin University Vice Chancellor’s List for academic excellence for being in the top one percent of undergraduate students across Curtin University in her first semester.

Her love of sport also led to an invitation to train with the AFLW West Coast Eagles team over the pre-season.

Madi is developing a reputation as an engaging and relatable speaker. Her talks focus on her schooling experience, her love and knowledge of the ocean and her experience of being a female in STEM. She can present to large groups or run more interactive sessions with smaller groups (e.g. single classes).

Workshop topics:
Workshop and presentation topics:

  • SURVIVING YEAR 12 (or 11, or 10)
    A brilliant, preemptive wellness presentation for students heading into the pointy-end of their high school education.  Madi shares the story of her final two years’ of high school including the highs and the not-so-highs. She talks about the pressure and challenges that students can inevitably expect, and ways to approach them. Madi delivers her talk with humour, but her message is clear and valuable. Her presentation covers:
    • Identifying and leveraging students’ support structures
    • The need for unity across the year group
    • Importance of having ways to positively release pressure (exercise, meditation, etc.)
    • Balancing school and non-school related activities
    • Anticipating emotional ups and downs, and the importance of not self-judging.
    A presentation followed by a hands-on STEM challenge to motivate, inspire, educate and engage students.  Madi delivers a presentation about her past experiences of science at school, her current experiences in science at university, and how science will form an integral part of her future career.  She then dives into more detail about marine science and delivers a “what is this?” style quiz on some pretty amazing marine objects. At the end of her presentation, Madi sets a ‘design and build’ STEM challenge for students to work on in small groups. Madi explains the scientific theories that students will need to put into real-life practise.  At the end of the session, students will test their finished products to find out who most successfully met the challenge.

Contact us for details about the challenge Madi sets for students. All of the materials needed for the challenge will be provided.  There is an additional $1 per-student charge to cover the cost of these materials.

Madi’s school STEM workshops are tailored to the age of the audience. It’s suitable for students from Year 5, up to Year 10. The minimum time required is 50 minutes, with the preferred duration being 60 to 90 minutes. More than 50 minutes is needed for larger groups (up to a maximum of 50 students). A one-hour session will typically follows a schedule of:

    • 20 minutes: Introduction; Madi talk; describe and set STEM challenge.
    • 30 minutes: 5 minutes design time and 25 minutes build time.
    • 10 minutes: Test finished products and wrap up.
    A presentation about our marine environments, the animals and plants that call it their home, and the human impact (both positive and negative) on these incredible habitats.  Madi shares her personal experiences and discusses how science is used to further our understanding and develop solutions to the challenges faced in our oceans and waterways.

This presentation can be delivered to students of all ages, as well as school staff and parents.

Madi is available to deliver workshops at the following rates.

    • Up to 60 minutes: $180
    • Additional time over 60 minutes: $150 per hour (charged in ten minute increments).
    • Up to 60 minutes: $150
    • Additional time over 60 minutes: $120 per hour (charged in ten minute increments).

Please contact Nudge Productions directly if you would like to discuss any details of a potential booking. You can email, or call Greg Cumming on 0406 317 801.

Watch our Nudge Productions video about Madi:


More: Here is a testimonial from a recent presentation:

“Madi presented to 72 girls aged 9 to 12 years, who were captivated by her funny and insightful stories about the beauty and vitality of the marine environment. I am certain that her personal experience has encouraged the girls to consider a career in Science.”
Helen Shaw, Coordinator of Teaching and Learning, St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School


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