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Maddy Barrett

  • Life-skill hacks to develop purpose, passion, organisation, time management and study skills
  • Workshops delivering fast, actionable and proven life-skill hacks to improve outcomes for students.
  • Maddy is an experienced workshop facilitator with groups of students.
  • Please contact Nudge Productions for bookings or enquiries.
  • Maddy is available to deliver her workshops in-person, or online.

Life-skill hacks to develop purpose, passion, organisation, time management and study skills

Maddy’s life-skill hacks give students fast, actionable and proven ways to improve their outcomes in time management, studying and wellbeing.

Maddy is Perth-based and can deliver her workshops in-person, or online. Available across Australia and beyond. Book or enquire now for your school or event.

Prospective audience:

Year 7 – 12 students

Life-skill Hacks – Workshops and presentation topics:

Maddy has created three workshops on life-skill hacks for high school students. Delivered within a single school period, each session gives students a range of fast, actionable and meaningful ways to improve their approach and techniques related to the workshop topic.  Designed to give big bang for your buck, the three topics are:

  • Pressure Hacks – Organisation and time management
  • Study Hacks – Different ideas and ways to study for different people
  • Self Hacks – Effective ways to achieve better outcomes

A detailed description of each of these topics is included below.

About Maddy:

Maddy is obsessed with finding ways to do things better – to be more effective and more efficient, all while living a more fulfilling and satisfying life. She’s also passionate about helping students to get the best outcome from their time at school.

There are so many simple things that people can do to get better outcomes – no matter what their future path is.  Sometimes it’s small things – just making some minor changes can make a big difference. Other times it may be a more significant change, but that can lead to life changing results!

After finishing high school in 2017 with an ATAR of over 99, Maddy is studying Business Law and Law and Society Majors at UWA.  She also has almost three years’ experience working part-time in a law firm as an Office Assistant and Law Clerk.

In 2016, Maddy was invited to attend the LEAP Leadership program at UCLA in Los Angeles. Two years later, she was invited back as a Leadership Coach. These two experiences were very formative and instrumental in her decision to develop workshops to give other students an opportunity to learn vital life skills. This year, Maddy co-facilitated a local condensed LEAP-style leadership program for students from two schools.

Not every idea and approach resonates with every person. That’s why I share a range of proven, practical ideas and let each student decide what fits best for them.

Each participant of a life-skill hack workshop receives a ‘HackPack’ – a simple and effective workbook to use during and after the workshop. It includes a summary of each ‘hack’, with simple instructions on how to action them. Students are asked to choose and commit to implementing two actions from the workshop that they think will make the biggest difference to their lives.

Maddy currently works as a volunteer for a range of organisations, including as a Mentor for Ignite Mentoring.  Here she supports high school students from low socio-economic backgrounds, helping them develop soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, and confidence.


Please contact Nudge Productions directly if you would like to discuss any details of a potential booking. You can email, or call Greg Cumming on 0406 317 801.

Workshop Details:

Pressure Hacks – Organisation and time management

Being skilled at managing their time and knowing how to organise all their ‘things’ will set students up for success in whatever path they follow. That’s why they’re called ‘core life skills’! Learning and applying these skills will reduce the pressure and stress that builds from being time-poor and disorganised.

Maddy shares proven and popular methods – tips and tricks that will help all students become more effective and efficient.

Study Hacks

Maddy presents a range of approaches and techniques for studying. Her workshop recognises that individual students learn in quite distinct ways, and therefore, different approaches work for different students.

This workshop doesn’t just focus on different ways to study, Maddy also talks about study habits, how to get motivated, stay motivated and setting appropriate goals to achieve the best outcomes.

Self Hacks

‘Become a better you’ has become a clichéd headline of the self-improvement industry. Here, Maddy discusses how and why to consider trends and ‘influencers’ with care and caution. She then shares proven, evidence-based ways that students can improve their wellbeing.


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