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Luke Davey

  • Creativity workshops for students and teachers.
  • Luke Davey is a UWA architecture and design lecturer with experience of working with students of all ages.
  • Luke’s Ideas are Easy! workshop engages participants in creation and the design development process.
  • Please contact Nudge Productions directly for bookings or enquires about Luke’s talks and workshops.

Creativity workshops for students and teachers

Creativity workshops for students and teachers that are fun and hands-on! Luke’s design and idea-development workshops explore the creative process.

Luke Davey is a Perth-based artist, architect and passionate educator.

These workshops can be delivered in-person, or online. Available across Australia and beyond. Book or enquire now for your school or event.

Who are these creativity workshops designed for?

Luke has vast experience in running creativity workshops with all ages, so he’s able to deliver to students in Year 4 to Year 12, as well as adults.  In fact, he also runs creativity workshops for teachers, and parents.

Good news! Luke’s creativity workshops are also available for businesses and other organisations.

Details about school creativity workshops:


Year 4 to Year 12 students; teachers; parents; corporate customers  |  60 minutes to half-day workshop

This is a highly-interactive creativity, design and idea-development workshop. Workshop participants are engaged in the creation process via hands-on making. The format is based on an iterative ‘Short/Fast/Loud’ approach. This makes it fun and engaging for all involved!

Luke guides his participants through the process of creating a series of models in response to a given concept.


A selection of making materials are provided. This includes everyday items such as card, popsticks, matchsticks and rubber bands.

Participants are then asked to respond to a design ‘problem’ by making something with these materials. As an example, students may be asked to make something that represents ‘Technology’ or ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ or ‘Robots’ from the provided materials.

In a set timeframe, participants will make and photograph their models. Photos of the models are displayed on a screen, while the participants move on to the next session.

They are given a different set of materials to make alternatives on their idea. This process repeats across a typical session which runs for one to three hours, dependent on age, and time available.

Participants experience refining and developing an idea, showing that design is a learnt process, not simply a talent some people are born with.


This creativity workshop began as an exercise that Luke now regularly runs with his University students in Architecture and Design at UWA, typically as the first class of each semester.

“I found it was such a powerful and fun way to introduce the concepts of design, iteration and idea-development”

The workshop explores the idea that design is a skill that is learnt, rather than a talent.

“We can all design, it’s often just a matter of confidence and a willingness to experiment. The experience shows students that everyone can have ideas, but that part of the creation process is being able to curate your ideas and select and develop those that are effective.”

About the presenter – Luke Davey:

Luke Davey is an artist and architect with experience across all aspects of creation and delivery in the public realm. From hand-made concrete cars, to Perth Arena – Luke has been instrumental in the development of Perth’s urban fabric at all scales.

Luke embraces a multidisciplinary approach that fuses art and architecture as it explores the spaces between places. With a strong knowledge base in master planning and an interest in the bespoke, Luke develops mythopoetic outcomes that enrich the day-to-day experience of the public through art.

Luke is also passionate about education and teaches architecture and design in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Western Australia, and previously at Curtin University. He is active in advocacy roles and served as an elected member of WA Chapter Council of the Australian Institute of Architecture from 2014 to 2016.

He currently works at REALMstudios as an Architect and Artist.


Please contact Nudge Productions directly if you would like to discuss any details of a potential booking. You can email, or call Greg Cumming on 0406 317 801.

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