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How Ridiculous

  • Social media giants, sharing how to live with passion and purpose.
  • The extraordinary story of how three young men from Perth became HUGE on social media, while staying true to their purpose and beliefs.
  • How Ridiculous presentations are available for online and in-person delivery.
  • Nudge Productions will donate 10% of our proceeds from bookings to Compassion – the partner charity of How Ridiculous and an important part of their story.
  • Please contact Nudge Productions directly to check availability and to request a quote.

Social media giants, sharing how to live with passion and purpose

Book How Ridiculous talks for your school or conference. Contact Nudge Productions to discuss your needs. They are based in Perth, Western Australia, but are available to deliver talks across Australia and beyond.

Who do How Ridiculous deliver talks and presentations to?

How Ridiculous talks are suitable for Year 1 to 12 students, teachers, parents and also corporate customers.

About How Ridiculous:

How Ridiculous is is run by three Australians – Scott Gaunson, Derek Herron and Brett Stanford – who are known for their trick shots and tower videos. You need to see it to believe it!

It all started back in 2009 with a basketball, a camera and a hoop. They’re now a social media phenomenon with almost ONE BILLION views and over SIX MILLION subscribers on YouTube¹! Their following has reached such a level that they help global brands reach audiences by creating premium sporting-based content that pushes the limits and tells the story of each brand creatively. They also leverage their success to strongly support a cause that’s hugely important to them (more on that after the video).

Watch this exclusive How Ridiculous video!

Right from the beginning, they’ve had a deeper purpose and motivation in sharing their videos. After learning about the extent of global childhood poverty in their teen years, the trio have gone on to become key supporters of Compassion, an international Christian organisation focussed on releasing children from poverty.

“This gave us a real purpose to push through and persevere. If you’re seeking your satisfaction or purpose purely from fame, or views, or followers you’re going to be forever just chasing more. Because we’ve had a deeper purpose that’s gone together with making videos and trying to get views, it’s really help us enjoy doing what we do.”

They’ve earned a number of world records along the way, including the highest basketball shot (180m in 2016 and 201m in 2018) and the longest golf putt (120m in 2017)!

“From brainstorming ideas to being on camera to editing and social media promotion, I love the whole process of making videos that people love to watch. But even more than that, I’m passionate about sharing the How Ridiculous journey with others because it’s a real story that shows if you dream big and persevere through failure, you never know what might be possible.”

A big part of their appeal is their obvious enjoyment in what they’re doing, their genuine mateship, and their excitement when they achieve what seems like the unachievable.

“We have found a joy in effectively being us, having fun, laughing a lot and posting it for the world to see. As a team we dare to dream bigger and be ambitious, always looking for creative ways to make something exciting and new!”

Each of the co-founders has different roles in the team, although there’s a lot of crossover. Brett Stanford is responsible for representing How Ridiculous at school presentations. He uses his vast experience of public speaking and in working with children to deliver an entertaining and enjoyable presentation. Brett has a Bachelor of Science degree (Physiotherapy) from Curtin University.

School presentations include highlights from their YouTube videos. Leaving time for a question and answer session is recommended.

At the end of How Ridiculous presentations, their merchandise can be made available to order to the audience.

What do How Ridiculous offer?

Brett from How Ridiculous is an engaging and entertaining storyteller. He would love to come to your school or conference and share the inspiring and entertaining How Ridiculous story.

But we all know that the How Ridiculous boys like to supersize things and dial up the fun! There are additional options available that can make your event one to remember.

  1. MULTIPLE PRESENTATIONS: Brett can be booked to deliver up to three presentations in a day.  This is perfect for schools, with presentations to groups of students during the day and then to parents in the evening.
  2. ALL 3 BOYS: Scott and Derek don’t let Brett have all the fun…  All three of the How Ridiculous team can join forces for a panel and Q&A session.
  3. BASKETBALL CONNECT FOUR: Unfortunately the How Ridiculous Connect 4 Basketball game is no longer available.
  4. FULL MERCHANDISE OFFERING: Over and above the standard merchandise order forms, we can make merchandise available to see, touch and buy on the day or night of the event.

Here are the topics that How Ridiculous can cover in their presentation.  We will discuss this with you to meet your needs and get the best outcome for your audience. Topics can include:

  • Social media
    • The story of their social media success.
    • The power of social media.
    • Potential downfalls of social media – the perils of focusing on likes, views and followers.
    • Lessons learnt (boosting engagement, identifying what audiences want, content, video recording and production, current trends).
  • Purpose and motivation – How having a deeper purpose gives them strength and energy to achieve their goals. They want to inspire people to live selflessly, give generously and join them in the fight against child poverty.
  • Belief in self, in others and in God – A greater or lesser focus can be given to the importance of faith, depending on the school’s needs.
  • Perseverance and resilience – Includes the remarkable story of achieving the world record for the highest basketball shot at at the Maletsunyane Falls in Lesotho, Africa.
  • Goal setting – “As a team we dare to dream bigger and be ambitious”.
  • Other topics include creativity, authenticity and risk taking.

Pricing and availability of How Ridiculous talks:

Due to the unique nature of what How Ridiculous do, it’s challenging to keep their availability calendar up to date!  Mondays are typically not the best day for bookings. Please contact Nudge Productions directly to check availability and to request a quote. You can email, or call Greg Cumming on 0406 317 801.

Nudge Productions donates 10% of our proceeds from bookings to Compassion – the partner charity of How Ridiculous and an important part of their story.

More about How Ridiculous:

Their social media footprint is HUGE! To go with their 6.01 million subscribers on YouTube, they also have 1.7 million followers on Facebook, 5.5 million on TikTok, 337K on Instagram and 25K on Twitter¹. It took more than eight years for them to reach 1 million subscribers on YouTube (September 2009 to November 2017).  Just over a year and a half later (by June 2019), they reached 5 million subscribers.

They describe what they do very simply: “We drop stuff, we bounce stuff, we throw stuff, we catch stuff”.

¹ As of 9 September 2020

Delivery method (online or in person)

Delivered in person, Delivered online


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