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Georgia Wilson

  • Hockeyroo delivers presentations on her challenges with body image and an eating disorder.
  • Georgia Wilson has played 38 games for the Australian Hockeyroos.
  • Georgia shares her experiences and her journey of recovery with students in her intimate and inspiring presentation.
  • Please contact Nudge Productions directly for bookings or enquiries.
  • Georgia is available to deliver her workshops in-person, or online.

Hockeyroo delivers school presentations on her challenges with body image and an eating disorder

School talks on eating disorders and body image; dealing with depression and anxiety; and overcoming adversity, delivered by Western Australia-based Georgia Wilson.

Who are Georgia’s school talks designed for?

Georgia delivers presentations to students in Years 3 to Year 12.

Details about Georgia’s school talks on eating disorders and other topics:

In addition to her very popular school talk on eating disorders and body image, Georgia also presents on other topics.

Her content and delivery caters for the ages of her audience. Topics covered are flexible and depend on the school’s ambitions and objectives. Georgia’s workshop topics include:

  • Dealing with depression and anxiety (mental health and sport)
  • Positive body image and nutrition (eating disorder awareness)
  • Overcoming adversity (athlete journey)

About Georgia Wilson:

Georgia Wilson is an Australian Field Hockey Player, who made her Youth National Team debut in 2016, and quickly made her way up to the Senior National Team – the Hockeyroos – by 2017. She currently has 38 caps for the Hockeyroos¹.

A devastating ACL tear in early 2018 saw her take the sidelines for the entire year, undergoing a full knee reconstruction and gruelling 14-month rehabilitation. During her recovery she complete her Bachelors degree At University of Western Australia, specialising in Human Biology and Marketing.

At 21, after a four-year struggle, Georgia was diagnosed with a binge eating disorder.

“I believed if I weighed less, I’d become a better player – that the only way to improve was to meticulously track and count every calorie that entered my body.”

After suffering with depression and anxiety when challenged with her mother’s diagnosis with breast cancer, her parent’s divorce, and being affected by both her own and her younger sisters eating disorder, Georgia has become extremely passionate about the role and necessity of mental health in both sporting and personal life.

Georgia shares her experiences and her journey of recovery with students in her intimate, revealing, but ultimately inspiring presentation on positive body image and nutrition.

“I had to learn through a long and difficult recovery process to accept my body for the many amazing feats it allowed me to accomplish, rather than merely identifying myself for how I appear. With regular therapy, I slowly began to overcome my fears and abolish my mind’s absurd food beliefs.”

The International Hockey Federation published a fantastic article that details Georgia’s struggles with her eating disorder. It is definitely worth a read!

She is an ambassador for youth mental health organisation, Zero2Hero and one of only twenty one athletes nation wide to become a Lifeline Community Custodian, an innovative program in partnership with the Australian Institute of Sport.

She is also the founder of Activ8 Hockey, which she launched in July 2019, offering school holiday field hockey camps to aspiring athletes in both metropolitan and rural regions.

Georgia currently has her sights set on the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Pricing for Georgia’s school talks on eating disorders and other topics:

Please contact Nudge Productions directly if you would like to discuss any details of a potential booking. You can email, or call Greg Cumming on 0406 317 801.

More about Georgia:

Testimonials about Georgia’s presentations:

“Georgia’s story of perseverance is one that all young audiences need to hear. To have an individual overcome such adversity and be willingly vulnerable to share her stories of strength and hope is truly inspiring. The additional time Georgia personally spent talking to our athletes following her presentation was also thoroughly appreciated and highlighted the engagement and relevancy of her workshop discussion.

“Georgia delivered an experience that was perfectly pitched for the audience in attendance. Her willingness to share life experiences, resulted in Georgia being relatable for our students. She was inspiring as she delivered her story, speaking with precision and integrity. Her story was enriched with humour and the audience was able to connect to her and her message as she motivated and empowered our young women.”

“We were extremely happy with Georgia. Not only did she complete her guest speaker duties, she stayed behind a further 30 minutes having one on one chats with various students who may be experiencing any mental health issues.”

List of achievements:

  • Founder and Director of Activ8 Hockey (2019)
  • Australian Hockeyroos Squad Member (2017 – 2019)
  • Pro-League Silver Medallist (2019)
  • Oceania Cup Gold Medallist (2017)
  • Australian Junior World Cup Team (2016)
  • Western Australian Institute Sport Scholarship Holder (2013 – 2017)
  • Lifeline Athlete Community Custodian (2019)
  • Zero2Hero Mental Health Ambassador (2019)
  • Mercedes College Head Girl (2013)
  • WAIS Developing Champions Presenter (2017-2019)
  • FMG Pilbara Indigenous Community Hockey Program Facilitator (2018)
  • Elevate Education Motivational Speaker (2015-2017)

Watch a video that HBF produced about Georgia’s recovery from injury:

¹ Age and number of Hockeyroo appearances as at 13 August 2020.
CREDITS: Quotes and other information for this profile were taken from an article from the International Hockey Federation website titled Famine or feast: Georgia Wilson’s battle with binge eating disorder.

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