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Fadzi Whande

  • Diversity and inclusion workshops and presentations from award-winning strategist and advocate.
  • These are important topics for school communities to explore in the context of  the ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Me Too’ movements.
  • School workshop topics include Beyond cultural diversity; Introduction to inclusion and diversity; Responsible leadership; Be You vs Be Me; Ally training; and, Unconscious bias
  • Fadzi is also available for corporate engagements and consultancy.
  • Please contact Nudge Productions directly to check availability and to request a quote.
  • Available for both online delivery, or in person delivery.

Diversity and inclusion workshops and presentations from award-winning strategist and advocate

Diversity and inclusion workshops and talks are highly important topics for school communities to explore in the context of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Me Too’ movements.

Prospective audience:
Year 1 – university students / teacher groups / parents

More about Fadzi:
Fadzi Whande is an award-winning Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategist and Social Justice Advocate. Her work primarily focuses on addressing systemic and institutionalised barriers held towards historically underrepresented groups. She has worked across the not for profit, government and business sectors in Africa, Australia, UK and USA.  

Over the course of her career Fadzi has received both international and local recognition for her efforts to champion inclusion and diversity including being awarded the 2019 Social Impact Award from the Organisation of African Communities, Western Australian of the Year finalist, Australia Day Ambassador and a recipient of the International Racial Equity Leadership Award in the USA.

Fadzi sits on the Board of The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance,  is Deputy Chair of Volunteering WA and an Ambassador for 100 Women.

Fadzi is an alumna of the Duke of Edinburgh Commonwealth Senior Leadership Program, HIVE Global Leadership Program and Leadership WA Signature Program. She received an Executive MBA and Graduate Certificate in Social Impact from the University of Western Australia.

Workshop topics:
The following diversity and inclusion workshops are specifically designed for schools. Each can also be delivered as non-interactive presentations. Further details of each topic are provided below.

  • Beyond cultural diversity
  • Introduction to inclusion and diversity
  • Responsible leadership
  • Be You vs Be Me – promoting human rights through global citizenship
  • Ally training
  • Unconscious Bias

Fadzi is also available for corporate engagements and consultancy.

Please contact Nudge Productions directly to check availability and to request a quote for Fadzi Whande’s diversity and inclusion workshops.

Details on diversity and inclusion workshops:

1. Beyond Cultural Diversity
Cultural competence is a critical attribute for both teachers and students. This workshop deepens the dialogue by challenging people to think through the various ways culture affects their life. It will provide an opportunity to increase your comfort, confidence and capacity to engage effectively with people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds. This training provides skills to improve school-wide responsiveness to CALD clients and diverse communities by integrating cultural competency strategies into services, programs and systems.
Content of Training / Objectives:
• Understand the influence of culture (including own) on individuals.
• Learn about other cultures, diversity, practices and protocols.
• Dispel myths – clarifying the terms Refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, assimilation, and integration.
• Identify barriers and challenges for people from CaLD backgrounds and ways to overcome them.

Duration: 3 hours

2. Introduction to Inclusion and Diversity
What does diversity even mean, and why does it matter? This workshop will discuss the meaning of diversity and inclusion and explore some of the multiple diversities that exist. The overarching goal of workshop is to help participants gain a greater knowledge of key concepts in diversity and inclusion and empower them to create a more accepting, equitable environment. This course is designed to introduce students to Diversity and Inclusion and why it’s important to our society today. We will examine:
• Define and understand diversity, inclusion, belonging, equity and respect.
• Why does diversity and inclusion matter?
• How can I be a champion for diversity and inclusion ?
• Gain effective strategies for removing barriers to diversity.
• Describe common situations involving diversity dynamics.

Duration: 1 hour

3. Responsible Leadership
To take a leadership role you need to be responsible for yourself and help with looking out for others too. This session will help new and established leaders find out more about responsible leadership and its importance for their success as a leader. They will discover and learn the skills, habits and mindset needed to become a more responsible leader. This session will explore the different power dynamics that influence decision making and how responsible leadership considers the difference between informing others about decisions that have been made, consulting others about decision to be made, and engaging others in a decision-making process.
Learning Outcomes:
• Look at some key concepts underpinning responsible leadership.
• The role of power in decision making.
• Qualities of a responsible leader.
• Utilise personal reflection to analyse personal leadership strengths and develop strategies for improvement.

Duration 1.5 hrs

4. Be You vs Be Me – promoting human rights through global citizenship
Human rights are a set of principles concerned with equality and fairness for every person regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sex, religion, or language. They shouldn’t differ because of where someone lives or how much money they make. One of the ways that we recognise the fundamental worth of every person is by acknowledging and respecting their human rights. Being a good citizen entails taking personal responsibility for one’s decisions and actions, including respecting others. Global citizens feel a sense of responsibility to help when the rights of others are violated, no matter where in the world they live.
This training will explore:
• What are human rights and why they are important to us today.
• What does it mean to be a global citizen?
• How do human rights relate to global citizenship?
• Look at some of the social issues impacting on human rights.
• Engage respectfully and enthusiastically in cross-cultural contexts and debates.

Duration: 3 hours

5. Ally Training
Ally Workshops are open to participants who want to better understand the issues and needs of the LGBTI community and are considering becoming an Ally. This workshop aims to raise awareness of the life experience, issues and needs of LGBTI people, with a particular focus on lived experiences. This workshop includes group and individual exercises, video clips, role plays and in some cases a panel of members from the LGBTI community. Participants who complete the workshop help contribute to a visibly supportive culture in their school.
By the end of the workshop, participants will:
• Develop a better understanding of LGBTI people, issues, and cultures.
• Reflect upon their own behaviour, sensitivities, and understanding in relation to LGBTI people.
• Become familiar with practical issues and the role of an Ally.

Duration: 3 hours

6. Unconscious Bias
This interactive and engaging workshop will help participants not only become aware of their own unconscious biases but give them practical techniques for acting more consciously and making objective decisions. By the end of the session participants will develop skills to become more aware of and recognise unconscious biases regarding themselves and others.
Learning Outcomes:
• Increase awareness of the concept of unconscious bias.
• Know the difference between bias, prejudice and stereotyping.
• Appreciate the importance of understanding how unconscious bias works.
• Be aware of the dangers of prejudice and stereotyping other people.
• Learn practical strategies to address bias within the workplace.

Duration: 3 hours

Watch Nudge Productions’ Video:
In this video, Fadzi is delivering a Responsible Leadership talk to students from Guildford Grammar School in Term 3 2020.


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