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Duncan Moon

  • Stonemason and sculptor who delivers STEAM presentations about mathematics in art.
  • Duncan’s workshop connect the dots between STEM subjects and art; igniting creative and imaginative thinking, and fostering innovation.
  • Duncan is offering his workshops exclusively through Nudge Productions.
  • Contact Nudge Productions directly for bookings, or for any questions.

Interactive STEAM workshops demonstrating how art integrates with STEM

STEAM workshops for students across Western Australia, delivered by artist – Duncan Moon. Duncan’s STEAM workshops connect the dots between STEM subjects and art.

Prospective audience:

Year 1 – 10 students

More about Duncan:

Duncan runs STEAM workshops (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Mathematics) that demonstrate how his art integrates with concepts from science, engineering and mathematics. His workshops explore how these concepts have significance in design, architecture and visual art, and give students the opportunity to apply this themselves.

A stonemason by trade, Duncan’s primary art genre is sculpture. Using his skills as a freehand and technical draftsman, these are combined to design, create and install public art.

“In general, my work is driven very strongly by geometry and mathematical ideas.”

This can be seen in Duncan’s work, such as his large curvilinear stone sculptures Pythagoras Sings the Blues. It’s also key to his celebrated public art, public toilet (AKA: the extreme dunny makeover), which can be included as an engaging focal point for his workshops.

Duncan won the commission to transform this old Bayswater toilet block into a functional work of art. The end result was highly-regarded and earned Duncan much attention and praise.

Duncan has broad experience in sharing his knowledge, with audiences ranging from kindergarten kids, right up to TAFE students. He’s taught Certificate Courses to prisoners (for the Department of Corrective Services) and delivered presentations for UWA.

His fun and interactive workshops focus mostly on geometry in design, and are customised to be suitable for all primary school year groups.

STEAM workshops – details:

Duncan’s workshop connect the dots between the disciplines of STEM and art; igniting creative and imaginative thinking, and fostering innovation. Students will be given insight into a world within a world. One where the relationship between art and mathematics is revealed.

The art / maths relationship is explained through a range of principles, tailored to the age of the audience. Students will be encouraged to make their own drawings, and to gain an understanding of form, spatial relationships and perception.

In preparation for Duncan’s workshop, students can be shown images of an object or space that is well-known to them and asked to come up with their own design that would make it a work of art.

Duncan is also available to work with groups of students over an extended period (half day and full-day workshops available) to co-create amazing pieces of art.

STEAM workshops – pricing:

Duncan is offering his STEAM workshops exclusively through Nudge Productions. Contact Nudge Productions directly for further information or to make a booking.  We will provide a customised proposal for you, based on your specific needs – from a single workshop, to an artist in residence approach.

Watch our Nudge Productions video about Duncan:


Testimonials about Duncan’s STEAM workshops:

Here is a selection of testimonials about Duncan:

“You taught approximately 60 children every hour for an entire week, seeing over 1000 kids. You captivated them and not once did I need to intervene on their behaviour as they were hanging off your every word. The results were amazing! I hope that you share your amazing broad knowledge and passion with many little minds.” – Joanne Zangari, Aubin Grove Primary School

“Packed with practical information – entertaining and engaging. Duncan is a great communicator as well as a thoroughly likeable and talented artist and craftsman. He has the ability to hold the interest of young adults and to inspire them to extend their thoughts and ideas” – Sue Dennis, Busselton TAFE

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