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Creative Moves WA

From: $80.00

  • Contemporary school dance education, utilising the power of creative learning.
  • Also offer cross-curriculum movement-based lessons using whole body learning.
  • Creative Moves WA is offering a limited number of reduced fee bookings via online delivery.
  • Contact Nudge Productions directly for in-person bookings.

Contemporary school dance education, utilising the power of creative learning to synthesise understanding across the whole curriculum

There needs to be additional emphasis put on CONTEMPORARY school dance education. The approach taken by Creative Moves WA differentiates them from so many of the other not-so-contemporary school dance education providers operating in Western Australia. This is also reflected in their respect and care for students.

Prospective audience: K to Year 12 students / teacher professional development

More about Creative Moves WA:

Rachael Bott and Lanie Mason have decades of combined experience in dance as performers, choreographers and educators. Both graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and have worked nationally and  internationally.

Their years of working together for dance education company Buzz Dance Theatre inspired them to improve the quality of dance education being offered to students in Western Australian schools. This led to them co-founding their Dance Education company Creative Moves WA.

Rachael and Lanie are passionate about the power of creative learning and the potential for dance to be used as a way of synthesising understanding across the whole curriculum. This is demonstrated in the themes and outcomes delivered across the range of workshops and programs.

Their approach is contemporary, curriculum-based and centred on students’ creativity. Additionally, they nurture a fun, respectful environment, with due consideration for children’s individual personal expression and space.

“Students aren’t just imitating a dance that someone else has created… they are learning to create their own work – how to express their own ideas and emotions through movement.”

Having created work for both young people and professionals, they enjoy teaching across a range of experiences and ages – from tiny tots right through to professional dancers.

Creative Moves are available to deliver the Dance curriculum to students remotely or consult on ideas for physical and/or written tasks that students can complete at home and submit to their teachers digitally.

A recently-developed Maths Through Movement program is also available. Based around the concept of integrating arts with the classic STEM subjects, Maths Through Movement is a series of lessons and activities that integrate the Maths and Dance syllabus. Delivering maths outcomes through movement helps make maths fun and exciting; encouraging students to be more active as well as engaging their whole body in learning. It also allows students to explore and communicate mathematical concepts creatively.

“Whole-body learning is really effective for all students, but particularly those who really struggle to sit and learn at a desk.”


Creative Moves WA is offering a limited number of reduced fee booking via online delivery – exclusively to Nudge Productions. Contact Nudge Productions directly for prices and details for in-person bookings.

    • Up to 50 minutes: $80
    • additional 50 minutes: $80 (charged in ten minute increments)

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