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Conor McLaughlin

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From: $200.00

  • Interactive workshops on Leadership, The Future of Work and a range of other future skills.
  • Conor has extensive experience, having delivered over 100 workshops to school groups.
  • Offers 11 choices of different workshops (details below), and can customise to meet each school’s specific needs.
  • Conor is available for both online, or in person delivery – exclusively to Nudge Productions.
  • The rates below apply to ONLINE DELIVERY.  
  • Click here for IN PERSON DELIVERY rates.

Interactive workshops on leadership, the future of work and other future skills

Future skills workshops for students. Conor McLaughlin delivers interactive sessions to Western Australian schools on leadership, study skills, entrepreneurship, mentoring and networking, the future of work, and more.

Prospective audience:

Year 5 – 12 students / teacher groups / parents

Future skills workshops – topics:

  • Study skills (single workshop or three detailed workshops)
  • Leadership (single workshop or three detailed workshops)
  • CV and interview skills
  • Mentoring and networking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • The future of work
  • Balancing social media

A detailed description of each of the above topics is included below.

More about Conor:

Conor is a Fogarty Scholar in his final year of undergraduate studies at UWA, majoring in Economics and Management. He is currently a Board Member at Awards WA.

He has also been a participant and subsequently a leadership coach and presenter at the LEAP Foundation annual leadership development program. This immersive program for high school and college students is held annually at the UCLA campus in Los Angeles, California.

Conor delivers incredibly engaging and practical workshops and presentations on study skills, focussed on getting results! He also specialises in workshops and presentations on the core life skills, enterprise skills and 21st century skills that are being demanded by employers. These are the areas that have become a priority for educators and all their stakeholders.

Conor has extensive experience in presenting to school groups, having run more than 100 workshops in Australia and internationally. His workshops and presentations are evidence-based and draw on extensive research, including interviews with more than 200 employers, academics and educators. Conor is available to discuss his workshops in more detail and is able to customise his content to meet your needs.

Conor isn’t simply presenting information that he’s been trained to deliver. Conor has built these workshops and presentations from the ground up. The result is an authenticity and depth of knowledge and experience that is rare in this field. As a young adult himself, Conor understands and relates to the challenges that young people face, and presents his expertise in a way that is meaningful and engaging to students.

Future skills workshops – pricing:

Conor is available to book –  exclusively through Nudge Productions.

    • Up to 60 minutes: $600
    • Over 60 minutes: $420 per hour (charged in ten minute increments).
    • Up to 60 minutes: $200
    • Over 60 minutes: $150 per hour (charged in ten minute increments).

Watch our Nudge Productions videos about Conor:

Future skills workshops – details:

Study Skills

These study skills workshops will teach year 9 to year 12 students how to adequately and professionally prepare for their exams. Median ATARs and overall academic success are the key performance indicators for every school whether that drives student outcomes, enrolment, funding or endowment. These workshops cover tips and tricks to help students ace exams, manage stress, optimise their time management and develop teamwork within the year group. Conor has presented these workshops many times with significant success among high school age groups. Conor has credibility on this topic having achieved a 99.25 ATAR, being awarded a Fogarty Scholarship, and tutored for hundreds of hours over four years. The study skills topic can be run as a single, summarised one-hour workshop. Alternatively, Conor can deliver three, detailed, one-hour workshops drilling down on topics that include exam preparation, time management and memorisation techniques.


Leadership is Conor’s biggest strength. Having been endorsed by many industry professionals for his work with the Awards WA Board and Futuristic Skills, Conor is an incredibly powerful role model for students. Conor’s leadership workshops and presentations can be customised to run for one to three hours. Specific topics covered include “leading within a school environment”, “level 5 leadership”, which explains that the best leaders are those that empower others, and “youth leadership in the community”. Conor was the Chair of the Student Representative Council while attending Wesley College and also started the Teach Learn Grow Tutoring Centre which helps students in rural areas with their maths education. He has also mentored many high school students with their prefect journeys and the transition into university scholarships and leadership positions.

CV and Interview Skills

here has never been a more competitive time for young people to find a job. In previous generations, students would be able to complete their degree and get a job straight out of university or other education institutions. Today, it is much more difficult. However, Conor has sat down and spoken with over 200 industry professionals from diverse job backgrounds and has the knowledge to provide young people with the CV and interview skills to be successful. This one hour workshop will provide students, parents and educators with the requirements to stand out and get the best graduate roles possible. This highly interactive workshop is popular because of how tangible it is in teaching students how to develop their CV and to start practicing job interviews. Conor has presented this workshop internationally multiple times, including to business executives in Los Angeles, California.

Mentoring and Networking

According to the World Economic Forum, the most important skill for future career success is emotional intelligence. The best way to develop this skill is through communicating and relating to others. In fact, most high school and university students achieve their first part-time and graduate job through a connection within the company they apply for. This is the reality of the world we live in – employers want to hire young people that they like, know and therefore trust. This one hour workshop will give students the ability to network with industry professionals and potential mentors to discover which job they would like to do, the career journey associated with that job, and the obstacles and challenges they need to overcome to achieve this.


Entrepreneurship is one of the most rapidly growing career paths. Entrepreneurship is highly appealing to young people due to the flexibility, autonomy and personal growth associated with it. Once a ludicrous idea, running your own start-up is now a very real possibility due to globalisation, the availability of capital in Australia, and the Internet and social media. This one hour workshop will give students an understanding of potential career paths in entrepreneurship and is particularly relevant for VET/non-ATAR students. These students have a high likelihood of running their own businesses due to the nature of trade industries. The workshop is also popular among ATAR students who have an interest in business and personal development, including prefects and younger school leaders.

Future of Work – Particularly relevant for teachers, parents, and students in year 10 to 12.

The future of work is a rapidly growing focal point and is an area that can create a lot of stress and anxiety for young people, educators and parents. Conor has researched this topic for the last three years and has even presented a TEDx talk on this topic at UWA. This subject has become very popular as the workforce is disrupted by technology, automation and globalisation. The presentation covers the changes that are predicted to occur in the workforce over the next five to ten years; discusses how to prepare for these changes to meet future employers’ needs; and identifies and explains the most essential skills needed for the future of work. This presentation includes information from the Foundation for Young Australians, the McCrindle Institute, and the World Economic Forum.

Social Media Skills

Many, or perhaps even most young people in Australia are addicted to social media and it is affecting every aspect of our society. We now see record levels of stress, anxiety and depression as well as a chronic lack of concentration among Generation Z students. Conor, like many young people, has also struggled to find a balance in his social media use. However, he has researched and tested a range of highly useful and effective strategies that have allowed him and the students that he mentors to reduce their social media distractions and take control of their studies, social life and family time. This presentation will teach students ways to reduce their social media distractions as well as learn how to use social media as an effective personal branding tool to obtain work experience, internships and jobs. This focus on both social media’s opportunities and downfalls is a key difference between Conor’s presentation and other similar speakers on this topic.

1 review for Conor McLaughlin

  1. Nichola Butler (verified owner)

    Conor created a Student Leadership program for the leaders at Hammond Park Primary School during the COVID-19 restrictions.

    The sessions were a mix of WebEx and face-to-face. During all sessions Conor was able to connect with the students and engage them in all activities.

    Conor used our Student Leadership documents to create a program that focused on leadership of self, leadership of other and leadership in the community. He collected feedback and used it to reflect on the direction for the next steps.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, we had a unique set of obstacles that we hadn’t experienced before. Conor was able to weave these into the workshops in a way that made it practical for our student leaders to digest, understand and act on.

    We have witnessed the benefits of the program in our Students Leaders and the wider Year 6 cohort. He made the students accountable for their learning through revision of content through ICT and goal setting.

    We highly recommend his expertise in this area and his ability to be flexible and forward thinking in his delivery of content.

    Thank you Conor!

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