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Clark Wight

  • Education and parenting seminars | Real-life solutions for parents and educators.
  • Clark’s workshops are delivered with perspective, humour and sensitivity. Packed with real-life examples and practical solutions.
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Education and parenting seminars | Real-life solutions for parents and educators

Education and parenting seminars delivered with perspective, humour and sensitivity. Packed with real-life examples and practical solutions.

Prospective audience:
Parents, educators, students.

About Clark:

“I have worked in the field of education and parenting for over 20 years and I consider Clark Wight as one of the best presenters I have ever seen. He is a wealth of sound information who speaks with humour, passion and authenticity about schooling, raising children, championing boys and leadership. Clark is quite simply an outstanding human being who inspires and teaches others to be more.”

Maggie Dent – Author, Parenting & Resilience Educator

Clark’s education and parenting seminars are known for their humour, sincerity, real-life solutions and the perspective he brings around schools, education and parenting. He has delivered his talks and workshops across Australia and the United States.

Clark is a highly experienced educator. He has taught at every year level, and been the Principal of a primary school in Perth, Western Australia and Head of Campus at University School in Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up in Baltimore, Maryland USA and now lives in Mandurah, Western Australia.

He frequently shares the stage at conferences hosted by Maggie Dent, one of Australia’s favourite parenting authors and educators. Maggie recently featured Clark as a guest on her Parental As Anything podcast. Clark also hosted an online conversation with Maggie as part of the launch of her most recent book, From Boys to Men.

For over two decades Clark has seen how schools work from the inside. As a parent of three, he has also lived the experience of seeing school from a different perspective, and understands the social, emotional and societal pressures and expectations for parents and students.

Most recently, Clark was the leader of coeducational preparatory school, Guildford Grammar in Perth. Clark continues at the school in the newly created role of Project Lead – Innovation and Transformation.

Talks, presentations and seminar topics:
Clark has delivered numerous conference presentations, articles and seminars around raising children, developing conscious parenting skills and engaging with our adolescent children.

His seminars take the mystery and fervour out of assessment-focused, media and society-driven expectations and explores the myths of the ‘perfect’ child and the ‘perfect’ parent.

Clark delivers his talks to educators and parents. His seminars typically run for 90 minutes each. He is available to speak on a wide range of topics.


What are the proven strategies and methods that work with our children? What needs changing to truly help them grow into awesome adults?

Clark focuses on key developmental stages and behaviours that underpin children’s development, and provides strategies for dealing with the expected and unexpected in their home, classroom or school.

Clark addresses key concerns that parents face raising children, including:

    • Ensuring a smooth transition through school – what helps?
    • How to keep children engaged and motivated at school
    • How to build character and values
    • Tricky territory such as pornography, gaming and the plethora of violent and sexualised imagery our kids are exposed to

This seminar looks at ways that parents can listen to our children’s voices — both the loud ones and the unspoken voices. Clark enables parents to give the attention, empathy and support that children need and desire; as well as the space and time to evolve independently and dependently. Clark provides parents with more tools to understand their children even better.

“Future proofing is about consistently building upon opportunities for growth in our kids. This may be a surprise, but I want them to fail and fail often at an early age. I want them to experience hardship and, most importantly, learn to develop the strategies to get through the ‘muck’ without you.

Sorry! That is future proofing at its most basic… learning to have difficult times, friendships, teachers, disappointments and learn that they can get through it without YOU fixing it for them.

We support, we listen, we encourage THEIR strategies and we let them experience real life. If we future proof our children before they are 18 years old, we set them up with the skills to deal with the hardship, pain and the amazing opportunities ahead of them in life.”

This workshop provides an insight into children’s lives from when they are preparing to enter into school, through to their early teens.

Clark explores what’s going on in our kids’ heads, in their bodies, with their peers and all of the things they do that make us wonder …. WHY?

This workshop looks at the habits and strategies that parents can use to allow children to experience a rich, meaningful and connected youth. It looks at the power of connected times with our kids, and how to provide time to slow down and enjoy the moment.

This session offers a poignant and humorous look at our children at different stages and what parents and schools can do to foster the essential elements of growing up: resilience, empowerment, reflection and finding their own unique voice and gifts.


In this presentation, Clark explores teaching and learning with purpose, creativity and curiosity. Based around three central concepts of communicate, discover and connect.

Rethinking strategies and structures to support our children as they move into their own identity, independence and the tweenage years.

Please contact Nudge Productions directly if you would like to discuss Clark Wight’s education and parenting seminars. You can email, or call Greg Cumming on 0406 317 801.


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