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Brendan Girak – Knitwits and Yarns

  • Knitting workshops for schools | Student talks on knitting, mental health, wellbeing and masculinity
  • Brendan Girak is a young man from Perth in Western Australia and a self-described knitting addict.
  • He shares his knitting experiences on social media under the name Knitwits and Yarns – where he has over 60K followers.
  • Brendan can run knitting workshops, or talk about his personal story and how knitting has helped him overcome personal challenges.
  • Please contact Nudge Productions for bookings or enquiries.
  • Brendan is available to deliver their presentations and workshops in-person, or online.

Knitting workshops for schools | Student talks on (knitting!), mental health, wellbeing and masculinity

Knitting workshops for schools presented by young male knitting ‘guru’, Brendan Girak from Knitwit and Yarns. Brendan also delivers talks to students about his personal story, including his unique experiences as a young male knitter, how knitting has helped his mental health and wellbeing, and how he “accidentally” accumulated more than 60,000 followers on social media!

Brendan is based in Perth, Western Australia. He’s available to deliver his talks and seminars to schools across Australia – either in person, or online.

Who are Brendan’s school knitting workshops and talks for?

Brendan’s How to Knit school workshops are suitable for Year 4 to year 12 students. He can also run knitting workshops for adults.

Talks about Brendan’s personal story are suitable for students of all ages, and also for teachers.

About Brendan Girak from Knitwit and Yarns:

Brendan is a 28-year-old male from Perth in Western Australia. He’s a self-professed knitting addict.

He shares his knitting experiences through social media under the name Knitwits and Yarns. He has developed a significant following on Instagram and Facebook, describing himself as an accidental influencer.

“I guess it was an accident but it’s helped me with the direction I want to go in.”

Since learning the skill at age 22, Brendan has gained more than just followers from his knitting. Having been diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety, knitting has helped him relax, given him a sense of direction, and improved his self-confidence.

“I’m more than happy to speak about my mental health because I’m not ashamed of it… knitting is something I can use to help people.”

Details about Brendan’s knitting workshops and talks for schools:

Brendan can tailor his workshops and talks to suit the age and interests of the audience.

What’s included in the knitting workshops for school students?

Brendan can work with each school’s particular needs, including:

  • A single school visit as part of a larger knitting project, to inspire, motivate and give direction to the class.
  • Regular knitting workshops / classes to teach students how to knit and deliver a finished product.
  • Half-day, full-day, or multiple-day intensive workshops to teach students how to knit, engage in creativity and design, and deliver a finished product.

Brendan is available to visit schools in person or deliver shorter, less interactive workshops online. Longer workshops are preferably delivered face-to-face.

What does Brendan talk about in his presentations to students and other audiences

Brendan talks about his personal story, including:

  • Background about his life as a student and young adult.
  • His personal experiences with ADHD and anxiety.
  • Why he started knitting.
  • Becoming an “accidental” social media influencer.
  • How it feels being a male in a female dominated area.
  • What knitting means to him.
  • His ongoing journey of self-acceptance, meaning and self-confidence.

His school talks can be from 15 minutes to 40 minutes (excluding question time). He can deliver the following:

  • Shorter “keynote” style presentations to larger groups.
  • Longer, more interactive talks to smaller groups.
  • More specific talks to specific groups of students.

Want to book, or find out more?

Please contact Nudge Productions if you would like to discuss Brendan Girak’s knitting workshops and talks. You can email, or call Greg Cumming on 0406 317 801.


“Thank you Bren. You are a natural with the class. They are loving the opportunity with you to learn how to knit”

Watch Brendan’s video tutorial on how to knit a retro-style beanie:

Brendan has published a series of knitting tutorials on his YouTube channel teaching various knitting techniques.

In the video below, Brendan shows how to make his popular retro-style beanie.


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