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Brendan Chapman

From: $420.00

  • University Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science with experience in both Forensic Biology and Crime Scene Investigation.
  • Brendan delivers presentations and workshops to students, teachers and parents, sharing the fascinating world of forensics, DNA and cold case investigations.
  • VERY limited dates available for 2021 (contact Nudge Productions for details).
  • Available and experienced in both online delivery, or in person delivery.
  • Please contact Nudge Productions to enquire or book – call Greg on 0406 317 801 or email

Forensic scientist with experience in crime scene investigation

Forensic science school talks, presentations and workshops by Brendan Chapman – Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. Contact Nudge Productions to book or make an enquiry.

Who are the forensic science school talks, presentations and workshops suitable for?

Year 8 to year 12 students, teachers, parents.

About Brendan Chapman:

Brendan Chapman is a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science and Academic Chair of two Postgraduate courses in forensics at Murdoch University where he trains the next generation of forensic scientists in practical skills associated with crime scene investigation. He is a Co-Director of Cold Case Review (CCR@), an independent consultancy for the review of criminal cases.

Brendan has over 10 years practitioner experience with Australian police and forensic DNA agencies and works on unsolved homicide cases for both police and private clients. He is a lead researcher of Murdoch University’s National Security and Defence Forensic Capability, and collaborates on research and teaching with state and federal defence and national security agencies. He is passionate about science and sharing his passion with future forensic investigators.

One of Brendan’s strengths is his ability to explain complex scientific ideas in a simple and engaging way. For this reason, Brendan is often asked by media to comment on stories relating to forensics. He featured in a weekly spot as the forensic expert in the Seven West Media podcast series CLAREMONT: The Trial

Brendan is available to deliver presentations, or interactive workshops, and is experienced in customising these to be appropriate and engaging to his specific audience. He can deliver to science students or teachers, with particular focus on scientific concepts and approaches, including aligning his content to the Science curriculum strands of Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Enquiry Skills. Brendan can discuss the way that different disciplines of science are applied to Forensic Science as a whole. He uses a range of engaging examples to demonstrate the scientific processes that are used in Forensic Science and the influence that the results have. He is particularly strong at inspiring budding scientists and generating curiosity and enthusiasm about science among students.

“Forensic science is an application-led science and disguises the core sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics) in an interesting, relatable package to students. It’s science by stealth…”

Details about Brendan’s forensic science school talks, presentations and workshops:

Brendan is available to discuss the needs of each school prior to delivering his presentations or workshops. He is an engaging speaker and shares stories and information about forensic science and crime scene investigation appropriate to the age of his audience.

  • Forensic Science – presentation
  • Forensic Science – interactive workshop

Student outcomes / Curriculum links:

Brendan’s presentations and workshops cover the three strands of The Australian Science curriculum: Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills.

Indicative pricing:

Call Greg on 0406 317 801 or email


  • Up to 60 minutes: $420
  • Over 60 minutes: $210 per hour (charged in ten minute increments).


  • Up to 60 minutes: $360
  • Over 60 minutes: $180 per hour (charged in ten minute increments).

Please note that interactive workshop bookings (as opposed to a presentation) will have additional costs for consumables like fingerprint powders. Please contact Nudge Productions to confirm additional costs.

Delivery method (online or in person)

Delivered in person, Delivered online


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