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Andy Barrett (abcED)

From: $150.00

  • Enlightening workshop that will change the way teachers and students search the internet.
  • Internet search workshop teaches the simple techniques to get the best results from your internet searches.
  • Experienced speaker and workshop facilitator.
  • Please contact Nudge Productions directly to to enquire about in person delivery.
  • Andy has limited availability. Monday is the best day for bookings.

School workshops to improve internet search results – for students and teachers

Internet search workshop to improve internet search results. Participants will learn simple, but incredibly effective techniques to improve their internet search results. Delivered online or in person.

Prospective audience:

Year 7 to 12 students, teaching staff and parents 

About Andy:

Andy Barrett is the Executive Director of abcED.  He’s an energetic facilitator and educator with knowledge, skills and understanding of a broad range of adult learning methodologies.

Previously, Andy was the Professional Services Manager for Principals Australia Institute, implementing the KidsMatter and MindMatters mental health and wellbeing frameworks. abcEd was born out of what Andy was hearing from teachers and schools about where they needed guidance, primarily in communication and in everyday small practical things they can do to make a significant positive difference.

Andy is passionate about coaching and mentoring teachers, graduates and admin teams and is currently a facilitator for the WA Department of Education and the Graduate Induction Program. He continues to teach in a wide variety of High Schools across Perth, specialising in Physical Education.

Internet search workshop details:

Andy’s So you think you can Google? internet search workshop workshop will change the way you search the internet.

Research has shown that Australian students “spent greater time on irrelevant websites than relevant ones and regularly quit searches before finding their desired information“.

Andy has significant experience delivering this workshop to both school staff and students.

In a teacher / school staff session, you will learn:

  • How to do targeted searches
  • How to find information that you can actually use (including lesson plans and documents relevant to the curriculum)
  • How to avoid clickbait and sites where you need to register to get anything
  • How to teach students to take ownership of their learning, and
  • How to save hours of Google searching time!

In the student session, they will learn:

  • Google operators and short cuts
  • Critical thinking around searches
  • How to find documents and information relevant to assignments
  • How refine searches using date function
  • Defining the purpose of using Google
  • Condense the internet for more specific searches, and
  • How to take ownership of their own learning

Comments in the workshop have included: ”A game changer!”, ”Wow, I never knew you could do that!” and “Why wasn’t I taught this at Uni?”.


Andy is available to deliver his internet search workshop for students and / or staff.  He can be booked for a single, or multiple sessions in a day.

Please contact Nudge Productions directly to discuss your specific needs, or to make a booking. You can email, or call Greg Cumming on 0406 317 801.


Here is a selection of recent comments:

“All of my staff were amazed at learning something new about something we take for granted every day.”
“A very worthwhile workshop that directly assists the work of teachers and students.”
“I learned new things about Google and that was pleasantly surprising. Presenter was very engaging too.”
“Great presenter to some tired teachers!”
“Practical, good resources. I was surprised at what I didn’t know.”
“Thank you for making the presentation teacher-centred. Definitely a useful tool for effective teaching.”
“Extremely helpful. Given me practical tools I will put into practise straight away.”


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