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Adele Jane

  • Teacher and parent seminars on child literacy and much more.
  • Adele Jane is a Perth-based Speech Pathologist with extensive experience delivering talks and workshops.
  • Also able to cover topics including executive functioning, working memory, auditory processing, attention issues and more.
  • Please contact Nudge Productions for bookings or enquires about Adele Jane’s literacy seminars.
  • Adele is available to deliver her presentations and workshops in-person. Limited bookings are available.

Teacher and parent seminars on child literacy and much more

Literacy seminars for teachers and parents, delivered by Adele Jane. Other topics include attention, anxiety, executive functioning, working memory and more. Evidence-based and focussed on delivering reading success for children.

Adele Jane is a Perth-based Speech Pathologist. Adele has very limited availability to deliver her seminars. Book or enquire now for your school or event.

Presentations can be delivered in-person, or online. Available across Australia and beyond.

Who are the talks and seminars designed for?

Adele Jane provides school teachers with professional learning on literacy and the other key topics outlined below.

All topics are also suitable for talks or workshops for parents of students.

About the presenter – Adele Jane:

Adele Jane is a Speech Pathologist, with an Honours Degree from Curtin University in Western Australia.

Adele has worked extensively with children, teens and adults who had difficulty with their speech, auditory processing, language development, learning, general communication, reading or writing. This includes working with executive function skills, including working memory and attention. These are skills that help us function in daily life, including being able to read and write effectively and develop thinking skills.

“The value of helping students realise their full potential and not fall further behind cannot be overstated”

Adele is an experienced and respected presenter at conferences, seminars and workshops. She is a published author of peer reviewed journal articles and other publications, and is the founder of the Accelerated Literacy Program. She has worked in hospitals, mental health clinics, nursing homes, education and private practice.

Her broad range of experience includes:

  • Early speech and language development
  • Dyspraxia
  • Dysphagia (swallowing difficulties)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Neurological disorders
  • Executive functioning
  • Literacy
  • Fluency
  • Disabilities
  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Thinking skills and auditory processing, and
  • Voice disorders.

Details of literacy workshops and seminars for parents and teachers:


For parents, or for teacher PD  |  Half day or full day workshops

Adele shares information based on her extensive experience in clinical practice, neuroscience (the science of learning), and evidence-based research.

The Accelerated Literacy Program delivers the following learning outcomes:

  • Be informed about the complex nature of the reading process.
  • Identify and understand the individual parts of the reading process.
  • Learn how to target a child’s specific areas of need to get the fastest results.
  • Help you to identify where the breakdowns are and what to do about them.
  • Enhance your understanding of how children learn best to make the process easy and fun.

“With literacy problems, effective intervention means more than just better reading. It also means higher self-esteem, more confidence in other subjects, and a reduction in stress and anxiety.”

Adele shares her unique and proven approach, which has helped thousands of young students to:

  • Read easily and fluently.
  • Feel happier and more confident.
  • Acquire the tools needed to manage their schoolwork.


For parents, or for teacher PD  |  40 minutes to a whole day

Adele can provide bespoke presentations across the following areas and topics:

  • Auditory processing – processing sound in the brain.
  • Executive functions – the regulating cognitive skills, including working memory.
  • The parts of literacy – examining each step and the whole literacy process overall.
  • Reasons why bright children often fail to live up to expectations.
  • How to turn children into excellent readers.
  • Why children get distracted, and how to help them to focus.
  • How to teach a child to follow instructions.
  • How to help children become reliable spellers and writers.
  • Metacognition – the value of understanding ‘thinking about thinking’.

These topics can be included as part of an overall literacy presentation, workshop or seminar, or as stand-alone presentations or talks.

Pricing of literacy seminars for teachers and parents:

Please contact Nudge Productions if you would like to discuss more details about Adele Jane’s talks, workshops, presentations or seminars. You can email, or call Greg Cumming on 0406 317 801.

Testimonials about Adele Jane:

“I was able to go from “D” grade average to “B” grades in a matter of months in Year 10, which enabled me to do TEE studies. As a result, I was able to complete a Commerce degree at Curtin University. Without Adele’s help I would not be where I am today.”

“My son Declan went from being a non-reader in year 2, to an avid reader just two years later – reading novels like “The Hobbit”. My younger son also went to Adele, unable to score on reading comprehension when tested. In 12 weeks this improved to percentile rank 61. It’s been an absolute joy to watch his face light up as he reads. The results Adele has achieved both my boys has been amazing and I credit her with the success they are now achieving as readers.”

“We were clients of Adele for over a year. During the time, she really helped improve my daughter’s reading skills. In a short period of time, my daughter’s reading and confidence was improving and was noticed not only at home, but by her teachers at school. We even extended our posting in Australia to be sure she got as much support as possible from Adele. By the time we left Perth, we had a really happy reader, whose reading had come up to the level of her classmates.”

Additional information:

You can read recent articles Adele Jane has written for the Private Speech Pathologists Association of Western Australia (PSPAWA).


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