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Learning Area: Mathematics
Nudge Productions allows schools to find and book thought-provoking, inspirational and engaging workshops, presentations and more. Most are available to be delivered either in-person, or through an online delivery platform such as Zoom, or Microsoft Teams.

The Mathematics Learning Area includes content for Mathematics (K-10); Mathematics Specialist; Mathematics Methods; Mathematics Applications; Mathematics Essential; Mathematics Foundation; and, Mathematics Preliminary.

NOTE: Where pricing is listed as $0.01, these presenters are offering limited bookings at no charge for our launch!

  • STEAM Workshops by Duncan MoonSchool STEAM workshops and talks by this artist and stonemason

    Stonemason and sculptor who delivers STEAM presentations about mathematics in art. Duncan’s workshop connect the…

  • From: $80.00

    Contemporary school dance education, utilising the power of creative learning. Also offer cross-curriculum movement-based lessons…