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What we do

Nudge Productions Model (2020_11)

Nudge Productions links the content that schools want, with suitable individuals and organisations available to deliver it.

We provide schools with speakers, workshops, incursions and more - for students, staff and parents. Delivered in person, or online.

We offer content from three sources:

Nudge talent: The amazing individuals and organisations we work with - listed on our website.

Unlisted: We partner with other individuals and organisations to be able to offer schools additional options, but for various reasons, these are not listed on our website. We call them our 'Secret Nudgers'.

Custom-sourced: We custom-source options to meet individual schools’ needs – tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll find potential solutions (no fee and no obligation)!

As examples, we have recently been asked, and successfully found, suitable local speakers to deliver talks or workshops on topics including metacognition, successful classroom differentiation strategies, family wellbeing, and consent.

CONTACT US with any questions, or to ask us to find someone suitable for your needs.

Delivered In Person, or Online

Nudge Productions lets you book our amazing range of 'Nudgers' to deliver their talents either in person, or online.


All our online options are live and interactive. Choose from thought-provoking, inspirational and engaging workshops, presentations and more.

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Workshops and presentations that are delivered online:
  • Are delivered through each school’s preferred online learning platform.
  • Can reach an audience of students located in more than one location – in different classrooms, at their homes, or a combination.
  • Includes a wide range of speakers and topics including study and life skills, leadership, mental health and wellbeing, motivation, arts and culture, entertainment, subject-linked topics, literature, science, dance, yoga and SO MUCH MORE!
  • Booking fees apply.

Now that we're all more comfortable with online content, schools can choose online delivery of content. It's another way to provide your students, parents or staff with amazing experiences.