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nudge incubator

Are you interested in offering a talk, workshop, or another service to schools, but feel like you need some help?


We're always looking for unique new talent so we can provide the best outcomes for our clients. We can help develop your raw talent and ideas into something our customers will love.

We work with talent right across Australia (and potentially beyond). We can:

  • provide advice on your potential topics
  • refine, polish and develop your content, structure and delivery, and
  • provide assistance with your marketing approach.

We're very careful in selecting who we represent. We  are absolutely driven to deliver our customers the best experience and the best value possible. We want to make a positive difference. We care for, and respect all people, as well as the planet we live on.

We want to work with people who feel the same, so if your values align with ours, we'd love to hear from you and talk more about your ideas. Go to our contact page to get in touch.

If you're experienced in your area of expertise and interested in Nudge Productions potentially representing you, please also get in touch!