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About us

Our approach (simplified)

  1. Find amazing people (our talent) who love to share their knowledge and know how to deliver great outcomes.
  2. Find other amazing people (our customers!) who have a need for the amazing people in point one.
  3. Deliver an exceptional service to the people in point two, via the people in point one.
  4. Rinse, and repeat if desired.

You can find out more details about what we do.

At Nudge Productions, we LOVE "different". We love doing things differently, and we love that all of us are, well, different. Our aim is to exceed all your expectations, and in ways you maybe didn't expect!

'Nudgers' who presented at Santa Maria College's wellbeing event (November 2020)
'Nudgers' who presented at Santa Maria College's wellbeing event (November 2020)

The team

Nudge Productions is a small company, but with big ambitions!

Chief Nudger - Greg Cumming
Chief Nudger - Greg Cumming

The founder of Nudge Productions. Greg is the man with the plan and the go-to guy for all things Nudgey.

Greg secretly wants to be one of the talent, but knows he's better suited to being behind the scenes.

Office Cat - Chatty
Office Cat - Chatty

Her full name is Chitty Chatty Kitty Catty.  She's responsible for greeting guests and maintaining a relaxed office vibe.

Chatty appeared (noisily!) at our door one night and never left.

Our 'Nudgers'
Our 'Nudgers'

The absolute stars of the show! These ridiculously talented people are ready to deliver.

Head to our talent page to find out more.

How it happened

Nudge Productions is a product of our Chief Nudger's review of his principles and passions, fortuitously colliding with the genius of one of his good mates.

Credit for the original idea belongs to Dave Reed. While not a part of Nudge Productions, Dave remains an occasional, but valuable sounding board!